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Bad weather

Storms floods & tsunami

sunny 25 °C

After having seen the Indonesian disaster, and read the Phnom Penh Mail. I was reluctant to stay on the beachfront. I quickly packed my bags and checked in a Guesthouse called GST (Khmer owned). on arrival, they showed me my room, which was fully equipped (Fridge - Tv - Hot Shower and Fan) all this for the same price as in my last Guesthouse ie: 5$

So, I then decided to rent my first ever motorbike (A cute little honda Wave). She really is a good little get around bike. instead of taking tuktuks or motodups i spend less on having mine with way more independance.

Victory hill will be my next stop where ill be looking for some work. It is mainly a french Xpat community with upmarket hotels so hopefully I might come in Handy.

Finally a few days ago Iwas lucky enough to assist to a Khmer Wedding (not a 100% authentic the bride and groom were called Kylie and John) Anyhow the experience was enchanting, from the chanting boudhist monks to the dancing girls everything was fascinating.

So there you go, keep u updated as much as possible.

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Driving in Sihanoukville

Some rules

Driving around Sihanoukville is a full on experience. here are some rules:

1. If his car is bigger than yours, Move !
2. Don't trust red lights cambodians don't
3. Always wear a helmet
4. If stopped by police remember: they only want your cash
5. Never hesitate, you might die doing so.
6. Drink driving is legal in cambodia but it is illegal to have your headlights on during the day (Logical ???)
7. Don't try and be a Khmer driver (More than 5 people on a moped is a feat for any westerner)

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General prices


1 beer 50c (Happy Hour 25c)
8 Lobster brochettes (1.50$)
Amok fish curry served in Young coconut 2 - 3$ (Thats quite expensive by khmer standards)
Tutuk ride (1$)
2h full Massage (3$)
Night in hotel (1$ - 25$)
Buy a bar on the beach 10.000$

To quote the Mcdonalds advert *I'm Loving it

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Arrived in Sihanoukville

rain 25 °C

Hello everyone,

Finally arrived in Sihanoukville. Before leaving PP, Most cambodians told me not to go to sihanoukville because of the cold weather, (26 dgr is cold for them...)

Trying to settle down, just need to find a few essential items ie: Khmer plug adapter, ...

So far the trip has been enjoyable but quite intense due to severe flooding in Phnomh Penh the bus journey was 5h30 instead of 4h.

Got speaking to a Finnish girl on the bus, shes been living in Sihanoukville or Snooky as the expats call it for 5 years, she gave me some good tips on how to deal with the locals.

Due to the rain, taking photos is quite tricky but Ive got a little sample of Phnomh Penh aswell as Sihanoukville ( What Ive seen so far)

First night in Snooky, I checked out the restaurants and bars next to my hotel, and the family that own the next door bar are from Charleroi !!! Surprisingly their bar is called la baraque a frite.

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Finally Arrived in Phnom Penh

Tired and sweating

rain 26 °C

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the delay Ive been sleeping off the travel.

Arrived in Phnomh Penh airport took the tuktuk to the hotel. My driver Mr To asked me if I wanted to go shooting in the morning * For 15Dollars u can kill chicken or cows with an AK47 or a rocket launcher, after politely refusing I retreated to my hotel room.

Its a crazy place, Tuned TukTuks, Crazy traffic and beatiful women.

I am leaving tommorow for sihanoukville, the Bus was full today.

The food is amazing, had fresh fish curry in a young coconut best curry ever ! *Sorry Haweli

Cant upload photos yet because the hotel doesnt have wifi so i am using the hotel computer

The culture shock is amazing, The heat is bearable but its so humid, the food is cheap *Curry and 2 beers was 3dollars*

Missing u all, My blog will be regularly updated once Im in Sihanoukville and Im On the right TimeZone,

Love u all.


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